Hampden Endemic Birds Rum

Hampden Estate was founded in 1753 and it is one of the oldest distilleries in Jamaica. It’s located in the parish of Trelawny, which is famous for having the best land for sugar cane cultivation. The land gives the highest ratio of the amount of sugar from ground raw material. For 250 years, the distillery sold its rum only to blenders and other distilleries. Due to its richness and intense character, it was  used as one of the main ingredients in their production. In 2009 the distillery was bought by the Everglades Farms company of the Hussey family and in 2018 it entered into close cooperation with the independent Italian bottler Velier. This attributed to it gainingalmost immediate recognition around the world.

In 2020 rum enthusiasts from around the world learned about the latest project from the cooperation of the Hampden Estate distillery and Velier with Luka Gargano. This is now known asEndemic Birds.

The release of this series is a tribute to the very rich fauna of the distillery’s area and is dedicated to the rarest species of birds found there.

The series consists of bottles, bottled at a cask strength. Each of the bottles was introduced by one of spirit entrepreneurs from different countries, mainly in Europe. Each bottle in the series has its own individual number and unique features. The labels contain all the necessary information on the number of bottles filled, vintage, alcohol content, vintage distillation and bottling, age and brand of esters in rum.

One of the most noteworthy rums of the series is the Mango, which was released in the amount of only 70 bottles, and only 26 of them were supposedly sold in Europe. The reason for such a limited amount is the fact that the barrel leaked and the rum poured into it was lost.

Therefore, as you can imagine, this specific bottle is a holy grail of all Birds. Its scarcity makes it a very sought after specimen. If you got lucky and you have this one in your collection good for you. You’ll be happy to hear what the average market value of this bottle is now. The price of this bottle has been preserved adequately as a result of its rarity and huge demand for it. These are already on the secondary market at values close to or greater than ten times the issue price.

Are these a worth investing in? Well, let the numbers speak for themselves!

The average issue price of each bottle ranged between 150 and 200 EUR. Within a month, the price of the exact same bottle reached 350 to 450 EUR. Well, if you consider your bank account interest rate is close to 0, or negative, it’s not bad at all. On the other hand the issue price of Mango on the day of opening the sale was 205 EUR. Today, about a month after its release, the market price of the same bottle is between 1,800 and 2,000 EUR, and it will go higher and higher. If you manage to get the entire collection of 26 bottles in some way, which is not an easy task, then in a few years this deposit has a chance multiply its initial value.

Hampden Trelawny Endemic Birds Brands:

LFCH – Lawrence Francis Close Hussey (Per Christelle Harris) – 90-120 gr / hl

GTC – Outram W Hussey – 48-80 gr / hl

LROK – Light Rum Owen Kelly – 300-400 gr / hl

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