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Guyana Beach

Rum marks

In the world of rum, “mark” refers to the place and the way how rum was made. Each distillery may have its unique style and production process, influencing the characteristics of the rum. The “mark” designation can help identify the origin of a specific product.

Let’s start by exploring the topic of rum marks from Guyana. There are several designations with only one vintage: PDW 1972, XPD 1971, MEV 1990, or REV 1994, or only one release UPM 1997.Region Guyana


Here are examples of brands associated with some distilleries in Guyana:

Port Mourant distillery

PD (Port Mourant Distillery), PM (Port Mourant), PMI (Port Mourant Distillery – Imaginaium) are examples of designations related to the Port Mourant Distillery. You will find them on rum bottles originating from this distillery.

Another marks Port Mourant: MPMM, MPMC, GM, MPM, SBRR, AW, MPM, EHPM (also, take a look at Enmore), UPM, MPM GY.

Versailles 1985 36yo MEV 50,4% Platinum Greenheart CollectionVersailles distillery

VRW (Versailles Rum Works), VSG (Versailles Still – Guyana) are brands associated with the Versailles Distillery. They are used to identify rums produced using the distinctive still in this distillery.

Another marks Versailles: AWM, MEC, VSG, KFM, MEV,  XPD, MDX.
MDXC and REV (also, take a look at Enmore).

Enmore distillery

ENM (Enmore Distillery), EHP (Enmore Horizontal Plate) are brands that indicate the origin of rum from the Enmore Distillery. Identical designations may appear on labels. Noteworthy that “REV” is another designation signifying Enmore. It stands for “Rectified Extreme Versailles,” providing a distinct marker for Enmore rums subjected to a specific rectification process.

Another marks Enmore: EHE, ELCR, EHPM, MDXC.


Diamond 1996/2023 26yo 50,2% cask#5 Hornigold

Diamond distillery

DDL (Demerara Distillers Limited),
DMP (Diamond Metal Plated),
DMR (Diamond Rum) are brands related to the Diamond Distillery.

These designations can inform that the rum was produced using stills at the Diamond Distillery.


Uitvlugt distillery

UITVLUGT, UIS (Uitvlugt – Imaginaium Series) are brands associated with the Uitvlugt Distillery. If you see these designations, it suggests that the rum originates from this distillery.

Another marks Uitvlugt: MUI, SVL, UF30E, ICBU, Modified GS, ULR.


Guyana BeachAlbion distillery

Albion Distillery is indicated by the abbreviation ACD (Albion Coffey Distillery) or simply as Albion. This informs about the origin of the rum.

Another marks Albion: AN, AW.


La Bonne Intention (LBI)

LBI is a brand associated with the distillery on the La Bonne Intention plantation. Designations like LBI may indicate the origin of the rum.


Blairmont distillery

BCD (Blairmont Coffey Distillery) is a brand associated with the Blairmont Distillery. It is one of the designations found on bottles of rum from this distillery.

Another marks Blairmont: <B>.


Skeldon distillery

SLD (Skeldon Distillery) is a brand associated with the Skeldon Distillery. These designations are used to identify rums originating from this distillery.

Another marks Skeldon: SWR.


It’s worth noting that different brands may be used by different producers or bottlers, making the identification of the origin of the rum more complex. Always check the information on the label and inquire about the brands used by a particular producer or distillery.


Guyana rum is just a drop in the ocean of various rum marks. Therefore, let’s delve into the world of Jamaican rums.France Guyana

Jamaican rums are masterpieces of distillation, each distillery, like Hampden Estate, Long Pond, New Yarmouth, Clarendon, Monymusk, Worthy Park, and Appleton Estate, boasting unique brands. Key to Jamaican rum flavor is esters, influencing the fermentation and distillation process.

Esters play a vital role in shaping the rum’s flavor in Jamaica. Depending on the distillery and process, they yield different brands, from light and fruity to intense and spicy.

Each distillery cultivates its unique brands, with ester quantity crucial for the flavor diversity of Jamaican rums. This diversity makes Jamaican rum highly esteemed in the world of spirits.


Jamaican Rum’s Marks

Rum brands are often described using abbreviations representing a specific distillery and/or distillation method. Here’s a brief overview of some brands and their relationships with ester quantities:

Hampden Great House Distillery Edition 2020 Old Pure Single Jamaican 59%Hampden Estate distillery

OWH (Overproof White): Light, balanced ester profile.
LFCH (Lightly/Fully Charred): Standout intense ester profile, especially in the Fully Charred version.
HES (Hampden Estate Special): Balanced, moderate ester level.
LROK (Light Rum Owen Kelly): Light and fruity, moderate ester level.
HLCF (Hampden Light Continental Forsyths): Balanced, with a moderate ester level.
DOK (Dunder Owen Kelly): Intense, full-bodied, high ester level.


Another marks Hampden: ◆H, HGML, C◆H, H/MM, C<>H, H/GML, <>H, H/LCF, LROK, LFCH, OWH.


Long Pond distillery

CRV (Cane Heavy Rum Versailles): Intense, heavy ester profile.
CQV (Cane Heavy Rum Versailles): Similar to CRV, with an intense ester profile.
LRM (Light Rum Monymusk): Light, fruity, moderate ester level.
MBK (Mark Brown Konti): Balanced, moderate ester level.
STC#E (Short Term Container Estate): Intense, full-bodied, high ester level.




New Yarmouth distillery

NYE/VL (New Yarmouth Estate Versailles Light): Light, balanced ester profile.
NYE/R (New Yarmouth Estate Rum): Balanced, moderate ester level.
NYE/CR (New Yarmouth Estate Continental Rum): Intense, high ester level.

Another marks New Yarmouth: NYE/WL, NYE, NYECC, NYE/P, NYE/W, NYE/HM, NYE/RH, NYE/WM, NYE/WK.


Clarendon 1995 26yo 57.1% The Auld Alliance back

Clarendon distillery (Monymusk)

CRV-M (Cane Heavy Rum Versailles – Monymusk):
Intense, heavy ester profile.

MSR (Monymusk):
Balanced, moderate ester level.


Another marks Clarendon/Monymusk:




Worthy Park distillery

WPUL (Worthy Park Ultra-Light): Light, fruity, moderate ester level.
WPEL (Worthy Park Estate Light): Balanced, moderate ester level.
WPH (Worthy Park Heavy): Intense, full-bodied, high ester level.

Another marks Worthy Park: WPL, WPM, WPE.


Jamaica RegionAppleton Estate

VL (Very Light): Light, balanced ester profile.
APEL (Appleton Estate): Balanced, moderate ester level.

Another marks Appleton Estate: APCC, APSP/J.


Differences between brands often arise from various distillation, fermentation, and aging processes, impacting the quantity and type of esters in the final product.

Writing essays about the myriad rum brands worldwide would be extensive. Therefore, let’s briefly mention a few other distilleries and the rum marks they have created

  • Mount Gay (Barbados): Mount Gay XO, Mount Gay Black Barrel, Mount Gay Eclipse.
  • Ron del Barrilito (Puerto Rico): Ron del Barrilito 3 Star, Ron del Barrilito 5 Star.
  • Flor de Caña (Nicaragua): Flor de Caña 7-Year-Old Grand Reserve, Flor de Caña 12-Year-Old Centenario.
  • Diplomático (Venezuela): Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, Diplomático Mantuano, Diplomático Planas.
  • Bacardi (Cuba): Bacardi Superior, Bacardi Gold, Bacardi Black
  • Ron Zacapa (Guatemala): Ron Zacapa Centenario 23, Ron Zacapa XO, Ron Zacapa Edición Negra.

These examples showcase the diversity within each brand’s portfolio, offering various expressions that cater to different preferences and occasions.