Private bottling

We can create for you an extraordinary edition of whisky, rum and cognac.

Here, at Distilia, we provide you with the high-quality, rare and unique spirits, we will create the project of the packaging according to your specifications (bottle, label, painting, box, booklet, etc.), implement it and deliver the final product.

Rich experience on this field of activity is a result many years’ designing and creating high-end whisky editions for our clients: private individuals, luxury hotels, auction houses, specialist whisky shops, retailers and many more.

Range of services:

Providing unique, old and rare spirits (whisky, rum, cognac, armagnac)
Designing of the packaging (bottles, labels, painting, boxes, booklets)
Implementation of the project design
Delivery of the final product

Casks for sale!

In our offer you could find casks full of high quality spirits. Here you can buy whisky from well-known distilleries, cognac from family-run cognac houses, or rum from legendary producers.

The huge knowledge and experience of our team guarantee the high quality of services.

Our services

  • Finding unique bottles of spirits
  • Selling the collectible bottles
  • Buying the collectible bottles
  • Valuing the unique bottles
  • Spirits collection management
  • Providing private casks
  • Private bottlings projects

Our company cooperates with the most powerful companies on the market, family distilleries or small cognac houses.

We are in contact with the most recognizable collectors from all over the world, and companies specializing in selling and bottling fine alcoaholic beverages. Thanks to that we can create wide product portfolio, and we are able to offer our clients really interesting collectible bottles of spirits.

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