Floral Rum Series Distilia Catawiki

Floral Rum Series by Distilia

Distilia’s exclusive Floral Rum Series, is a fruit of the company’s founders’ passion for fine and rare spirits.

The Golden age of Piracy by Distilia

Our rum series “The Golden Age of Piracy” tells the history of famous pirates (and privateers). We matched unique single cask rum with rich and distinctive personalities.

Greenheart Collection

Greenheart Collection by Distilia

Greenheart is a species of tree indigenous to South America which grows in the Guyana and Suriname regions. This hard and moisture-resistant tree, was used in the 17th century to construct alembics, a special type of equipment used to distill rum.

Noh Whisky

Noh Whisky

Noh Whisky series is the one of the biggest and most popular collections of Karuizawa whisky. Each bottle is decorated with a traditional Japanese Noh Performer mask and tells its own unique story. The Noh Whisky series bottles are hard to find on their own, so it is very uncommon to see them all for sale together.

Caroni Employees

Caroni Employees

The Caroni Employees series pays tribute to the workers of the Caroni distillery; each rum from the series was given a name and a picture of a commendable, loyal employee.

Intergalactic Series

Intergalactic Series

Chichibu’s Intergalactic Series is a perfect blend of the exquisite palette and quirky labels that feature retro sci-fi illustrations. Chichibu’s Intergalactic Series was first released in 2019. As of now, it features 6 editions of high-quality, unique spirits that combine tradition with modern trends.

Hampden Endemic Birds Rum

The series consists of bottles, bottled at a cask strength. Each of the bottles was introduced by one of spirit entrepreneurs from different countries, mainly in Europe. Each bottle in the series has its own individual number and unique features. The labels contain all the necessary information on the number of bottles filled, vintage, alcohol content, vintage distillation and bottling, age and brand of esters in rum.

Collectors Series Rum

Collectors Series Rum from Romdeluxe has labels and boxes decorated with paintings of animals. The collection includes, among others rums from Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana.

Wild Series Rum Romdeluxe

Wild Series Rum

Romdeluxe produce the Wild Series Rum. Labels and boxes are decorated with pictures of wild animals. The collection includes, among others rums from distilleries and regions: Jamaica, Enmore, Panama, Belize, Guadeloupe, Diamond, Caroni, New Yarmouth, Long Pond, El Salvador, Ten Cane, Trinidad, Guyana, du Simon.

Caroni Single Cask

Caroni rum, from a forgotten Trinidadian distillery, captured hearts. Discovered by Luca Gargano in 2004, just after its closure, these Caroni Single Cask bottles boast unique labels inspired by the rum-making process and its associated region.