Floral Rum Series


Distilia’s exclusive Floral Rum Series, is a fruit of the company’s founders’ passion for fine and rare spirits. It was born as a child of cooperation of the two – Distilia and Catawiki, which years of expertise resulted in a true masterpiece sealed in a bottle.

Caroni ‘Chaconia’ – a paradise sealed in a bottle

For the last three hundred years the best rums in the world are being produced in genuine paradise – surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean, among exotic scents, rich flavours and diversity of colours. The oldest distilleries, the cultural heritage and the unparalleled genius loci of the Caribbean Islands attract rum lovers from all over the world.


Trinidad and Tobago at its best

Fascinated by the charm of Trinidad and Tobago’s national, flaming red flower – Chaconia – we decided to use the name when releasing this exceptional product. Chaconia blooms in late August, around the country’s Independence Day making it a symbol of the motherland of the world’s most sought after rum – Caroni. That brings us to our unique spirit – a 24-year-old rum born in the lost Trinidadian distillery – the legendary Caroni.


A unique opportunity

It is a limited release consisting of only 139 bottles of exquisite design, filled with the essence of the Caribbean paradise. It will be available only over Catawiki’s platform over a series of dedicated auctions.

The project is Distilia’s very first bottling prepared exclusively for an external business partner – Catawiki.


  • Distillery: Caroni
  • Distilled: 1998
  • Bottled: 2022
  • Age: 24yo
  • Single cask, cask strength
  • ABV: 60,2%
  • Size: 700ml
  • Over 10 years of tropical ageing
  • Outturn: only 139 bottles
Caroni Chaconia 1998 24yo Distilia for Catawiki
Caroni Chaconia 1998 24yo Distilia for Catawiki