About us

Distilia is a company specializing in selling unique bottles of rare spirits like whisky, cognac and rums.

Our mission is to help collectors to find, purchase, valuate or sell true rarities. We could build entire collection for our clients or assist them only at one transaction. Furthermore, we are able to provide the whole casks of rare and old spirits and bottle them as special limited editions.

Through the few last years our team of experts was involved in many extraordinary projects on the market of alcoholic beverages.

The company was established by couple of aficionados of rare spirits: Jakub Bagiński and Piotr Kossowski – who were engaged in creation, launching and selling such astonishing editions of whisky like:

Karuizawa 1964 48 YO
Karuizawa 1964 51YO
Glenfarclas 1953 58 YO
Glen Grant 1949 67 YO
Clynelish 41 YO

and many others.

These two friends were also involved in putting on the market two extremely old cognacs:

Le Sein de Dieu
and L’Esprit de Tiffon,

spirits dating back to turn of 18th century.

The huge knowledge and experience of our team guarantee the high quality of services.

Our services

  • Finding unique bottles of spirits
  • Selling the collectible bottles
  • Buying the collectible bottles
  • Valuing the unique bottles
  • Spirits collection management
  • Providing private casks
  • Private bottlings projects

Our company cooperates with the most powerful companies on the market, family distilleries or small cognac houses.

We are in contact with the most recognizable collectors from all over the world, and companies specializing in selling and bottling fine alcoaholic beverages. Thanks to that we can create wide product portfolio, and we are able to offer our clients really interesting collectible bottles of spirits.

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