It’s the early 18th century, growing shipping traffic between Europe, Africa and the Caribbean will make some people forever famous. Tales and adventures of Blackbeard’s and other influential pirates will fuel novels, movies and legends. The true story behind these rebels has plenty of rum, their preferred bounty and favorite beverage.



Our rum series “The Golden Age of Piracy” tells the history of famous pirates (and privateers). We matched unique single cask rum with rich and distinctive personalities.

The Golden Age of Piracy features limited edition bottlings. Come aboard and join us in the journey through the perfect rums.

Edward Teach “Blackbeard”

  • Distillery: Caroni
  • Distillation year: 1999
  • Bottling year: 2021
  • Age: 21YO
  • Single cask number: 197
  • Limited edition: 228 bottles
  • ABV: 65.7%
  • Full Proof Heavy Trinidad Rum

It was always his thick, long and black beard that gave him his terrifying look. Teach understood the value of appearances and stroke enouhg fear in an opposing crew so they often simply surrendered.

He was in fact very successful. Together with the crew of Benjamin Hornigold he catured and commanded the 40-gun Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Operating around the West Indies andsoutheastern U.S. states he become the most famous pirate captain of all time.

Tasting notes

92/100 points
I had thought the golden age of piracy was right today, just ask Bezos, Sundar or Jack Ma… Anyway! Colour: amber. Nose: oh, mashed potatoes with black truffles and olive oil! Then eggplants and smoky coffee, engine grease, candy sugar, a little corn syrup, caramelised onions… With water: tight and green. Someone’s smoked Brussels sprouts and called that ‘rum’. A curious maltiness and more mashed potatoes. And more truffles. Mouth (neat): smashing, bone-dry and ultra-tight, almost Ardbeggian. Sublime smoky coastalness. Terrrrrific. With water: oh wow. Millimetric and vertical, petroly, tarry, wonderful. Finish: long, tarry and rubbery. No escape. Comments: perfect in the tarry style. I think we’ve already mentioned middle-aged Port Ellen, have we not?




Nose: quite industrial, with engine oil, diesel and greasy notes. Also rubbery notes and tobacco. Then it evolves on peppermint and herbal potions, as well as overripe plums and dark honey. Smoked vegetal notes and earthy wood. Mouth: again not an easy one, but quite an explosion. Lots of herbal extracts, charred wood, mint and eucalyptus, ginger and chilli heat. More oily notes, camphor and medicinal hints. Dutch liquorice and enough tar to renew a random highway. More than a dash of Fernet Branca. Very dry, very herbal. Finish: very long, still herbal, tarry and spicy. This is a real pirate rum, totally unscrupulous. The intensity, the tarry notes and herbal extracts blow your socks off. A great statement and a great find. Out of stock, although Distilia also says it’s ‘on request’. whiskynotes.be

The Golden Age of Piracy Blackbeard
The Golden Age of Piracy Blackbeard
The Golden Age of Piracy Blackbeard

Anne Bonny “Anney”

  • Distillery: Enmore
  • Distillation year: 1992
  • Bottling year: 2021
  • Age: 29YO
  • Single cask number: 6
  • Limited edition: 230 bottles
  • ABV: 58.1%
  • Full Proof Heavy Guyana Rum

The most famous female pirate, as renowned for her ruthlessness as for gender. Seeking adventure from the early years, she become an equal crew member and a respected pirate.

New Providence, the Republic of Pirates, become her place to be and this is where she met “Calico Jack” Rackham. She joined him and continued the pirate life, taking part in combat alongside the men, eventually to be named in “Wanted Pirates” by the Governor of the Bahamas.

Tasting notes

91/100 ᴘᴏɪɴᴛs
Whisky Digest

In terms of marketing, we’re usually annoyed by the allegory of pirates and rum, because, as in the case of Captain Morgan, it usually refers to a cheap, adulterated spirit. Not at all in this case. This brew really puts you in that atmosphere and proves once again why Guyana/Demerara rum (in our eyes) is the king of the rum world.
Whisky Digest

The Golden Age of Piracy Anney
The Golden Age of Piracy Anney
The Golden Age of Piracy Anney

John Rackham “Calico Jack”

  • Distillery: Foursquare
  • Distillation year: 2005
  • Bottling year: 2021
  • Age: 15YO
  • Single cask number: 105
  • Limited edition: 262 bottles
  • ABV: 58%
  • Full Proof Heavy Barbados Rum
  • Over 10 years of tropical aging

He earned the nickname “Calico Jack” because of his taste for clothes made of brightly colored Indian Calico cloth. While he made a career of plundering small vessels, he is most remembered for having two female crew members Mary Read and his lover, Anne Bonny.

Rackham is also credited with designing the skull and crossed swords – sometimes swapped for crossed bones – that became famous as iconic Jolly Roger pirate flag.

The Golden Age of Piracy Calico Jack
The Golden Age of Piracy Calico Jack
The Golden Age of Piracy Distilia

Charles Vane

  • Distillery: Long Pond
  • Distillation year: 1983
  • Bottling year: 2022
  • Age: 38YO
  • Single cask number: 8
  • Limited edition: 108 bottles
  • ABV: 52.5%
  • Full Proof Heavy Jamaican Rum

One of the most skillful pirate captains, with excellent navigational and ship combat skills. He captured ship after ship, building a pirate armada and renaming each ship “The Ranger”.

He is also infinfamously known for refusing the King’s Pardon and instead firing his cannons at the ship of Gouernor Woodes Rogers in the Bahamas. Vane met Blackbeard in 1718 and the two pirate crews held a week-long party at what was the largest pirate gathering ever to occur in North American waters.

Long Pond 1983 38YO #8 52.5% Vane The Golden Age of Piracy

Samuel Bellamy

  • Distillery: Uitvlugt
  • Distillation year: 1991
  • Bottling year: 2022
  • Age: 30YO
  • Single cask number: 2
  • Limited edition: 278 bottles
  • ABV: 62%
  • Full Proof Heavy Guyana Rum

Operating for just one year from 1716 to 1717, Black Sam Bellamy became the wealthiest pirate ever. He captured 53 ships and plundered $140 million worth of treasure, which he divided generously among his crew.

Bellamy’s pirates called him “The Robin Hood of the Seas”. The wreckage of his ship “Whydah”, along with valuables stolen from other 53 ships were discovered in 1982 off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass.

Uitvlugt 1991 30YO #2 62% Bellamy The Golden Age of Piracy
Uitvlugt 1991 30YO Bellamy The Golden Age of Piracy
Uitvlugt 1991 30YO #2 62% Bellamy The Golden Age of Piracy

Woodes Rogers

  • Distillery: New Yarmouth
  • Distillation year: 1994
  • Bottling year: 2022
  • Age: 27YO
  • Single cask number: 435089
  • Limited edition: 138 bottles
  • ABV: 67.1%
  • Full Proof Heavy Jamaican Rum

As the first Royal Governor of the Bahamas, which in 1718 was home to around 2000 pirates, Rogers’ main task was to get rid of them. He granted the King’s Pardon to all the pirates who would immediately stop their activities, yet there were a few, like Charles Vane, who never accepted it. Rogers even recruited ex-pirates, like Benjamin Hornigold, to use their insights and intelligence to chase down the stubborn ones.

New Yarmouth 1994 27YO #435089 67.1% Rogers The Golden Age of Piracy
New Yarmouth 1994 27YO Rogers The Golden Age of Piracy
New Yarmouth 1994 27YO #435089 67.1% Rogers The Golden Age of Piracy