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Karuizawa Distillery

KARUIZAWA DISTILLERY PRODUCTLocated at the foot of Mount Asama in Miyota, the Karuizawa Distillery began operations in February 1956. During its early years, a significant portion of its production was utilized for the budget-friendly Ocean blends produced by the Sanraku Ocean Company, which owned the distillery at that time. Karuizawa made its debut as a whisky brand in July 1976. And this spirits was the first Japanese whisky to bear the “single malt” designation. The development of creating Karuizawa whisky could have continued. Unfortunately, the distillery ceased production on December 31, 2000 and has never resumed operations.

Popular Karuizawa Geisha

The Geisha series, a tribute to Karuizawa distillery’s exceptional whisky and rich culture. Bottle labels designed by Raj Chavda, Creative Director of The Whisky Exchange and fellow of the Royal Society of Art.

Karuizawa Geisha Label

Karuizawa Geisha Label: The first bottles combining Karuizawa distillery’s character with geisha beauty. These unique labels showcase geishas in elegant poses with parasols and decorative fans. Discover the most popular Karuizawa Geisha whiskies!

Yamazaki Distillery

KARUIZAWA DISTILLERY PRODUCTYamazaki Distillery, Japan’s oldest malt whisky distillery established in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii, produces renowned single malt whiskies in 10, 12, and 18-year expressions. In 2003, the 12-year-old Yamazaki won a gold medal at The International Spirits Challenge. Amassing a collection of alcoholic beverages, particularly those from the Yamazaki Whisky brand, has evolved into a passion embraced by enthusiasts across the globe. Renowned for its outstanding excellence and meticulous artistry, Yamazaki Whisky has cultivated a devoted community of collectors. The endeavor of acquiring Yamazaki Whisky bottles necessitates a tactical approach and a discerning eye for selection.

Suntory The Yamazaki

Yamazaki is a distillery, but it was established by Suntory. Shinjiro Torii launched Suntory in 1899, and his innovative spirit, visionary aspirations, and passion for challenges continue to influence our approach. In Japan, Suntory boasts three distilleries: Yamazaki, Hakushu, and the Chita grain whisky distillery. This allows Yamazaki Whisky to be proudly shared from Yamazaki Whisky Hong Kong, reaching enthusiasts worldwide and even Tokyo, where its founder had his headquarters. Embracing the German motto ‘Ein Glas Yamazaki, nicht schon um zwölf, aber eins ist okay. Jeden Tag eine Party,’ having a bottle of Yamazaki in your collection is a feast for the eyes—a single representation of this renowned distillery.

Yamazaki Distillery Reserve

Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve 43% contains carefully blended components aged in American, Spanish, and Japanese Mizunara oak. This is an example of Japanese whisky that is available on the market in a 700 ml bottle. Yamazaki Reserve is one of the examples of the art of creating a fine collectible whisky that captures the hearts of fans from around the world.

Popular Aging Years for Yamazaki Whisky:

Yamazaki Single Malt

Single malt whisky is made exclusively from one type of malt (usually barley), while blended whisky is a mix of two or more distillates. Blended whisky often includes a portion of single malt whisky along with various grain whiskies. The more types of whisky in a blend, the less intense and more uniform its flavor. Yamazaki, on the other hand, features 100% malted barley and can undergoes 12 years of cask aging at The Yamazaki Distillery before reaching your doorstep.

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