L’esprit de Tiffon cognac

HKD 63 623,11

WOOCS 2.2.7

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Released in 2014 by Wealth Solutions, this Cognac was produced in cooperation with the Tiffon Cognac house and is produced with stocks distilled entirely prior to the outbreak of phylloxera. These stocks were taken from the “paradis” of Sverre Braastad, where the oldest cognac dates back to 1805!

Only 150 decanters were produced.

Cognac house: Tiffon
Region: Cognac, France
Amount of decanters: 150
Year bottled: 2014
ABV: 40%
Oldest distillate: 1805
Packaging: Crystal decanters. In wooden presentation case, accompanied with original booklet and black velvet bag. Engraved labelling.
Tasting notes: Aromas perceptible for a long time, extraordinarily floral, accompanied with vanilla rancio. A delicacy and round body develop in the mouth, aromas of truffle, cinnamon, vanilla.
Serge Valentin’s score: 92 points

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Tasting notes

Tasting notes

„It’s another world, another galaxy, another paradigm […] When you listen to Mozart, the silence that follows is still Mozart.” Same with that old cognac, long after the end of the end of the finish.”

-Serge Valentin

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