Apr 21
Karuizawa Koi

Karuizawa Koi

Koi fish are the symbol of prosperity, good fortune, and perseverance in Japanese culture, as well as in Chinese culture. Karuizawa is a global symbol of perfection and high quality. The Koi Collection features 3 bottles of Karuizawa Whisky, forming a beautifully crafted set enclosed in an elegant box.

Kin Showa

All metallic Showa are known as Kin Showa. The metallic luster appear strong throughout the entire body of the koi. The key Showa elements are wraparound sumi, motoguro in the pectoral fins, and the classic intrusion of an interesting black pattern onto the head.


The Kohaku breed is believed to be one of the first ornamental carp varieties developed. The variety dates to 1888. The Kohaku remains one of the most popular breeds in Japan. The bright red markings are known as hi (緋).


Ochiba koi, or more commonly known as Ochiba Shigure, is a variety of koi fish. Called Ochiba Shigure literally translates as “autumn leaves on the water”, which perfectly describes their glowing cross-linked petals arranged in a position that gives the impression left by floating leaves.

Karuizawa Koi

Single Malt Whisky
Karuizawa Distillery
1999-2000 Vintage
3 x 35 bottles
WS Heavy bottle made of glass of high purity and designed by Wealth Solutions creative team, painting on the glass, box designed specially for this project and made of oak wood. Japanese Whisky worth having in your whisky collection; standing proudly on your collector’s shelf.

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