Mar 10
Lot 85

89 points from to Lot 85 Cognac Famille Vallein Tercinier by Distilia

Cognac Famille Vallein Tercinier for Distilia got 89/100 points from

Lot 85 Distilia Famille Vallein Tercinner

This is cask strength. Colour: gold. Nose: I think it’s not the first time I’m finding a little botrytis in some Vallein Tercinier. Naturally, this cannot be, unless they’ve added drops of old Sauternes or other similar beauties to the cask while no one was watching. Or it is just an analogical feeling, after all there are no peaches in cognac either. So, stewed peaches, a tiny mentholy side, some sultanas, some liquorice… In fact all these are not really spectacular, it’s the balance and the way all this is working together that’s brilliant. Think the Zappa band, ha. With water: a little saponification for a few seconds (happens), then biscuits, tobacco, a little mint and a little camphor, green melons, then simply some lovely green tea. I’m often quoting blue-green Wulong/Oolong… They have some great ones in Taiwan. Mouth (neat): starts liquorice-and-citron-driven, gets then unexpectedly salty (a wee bit), then herbal (mint tea, walnut skin) and lastly, fruity. Peaches, apricots and raisins. With water: herbs and fruit peel or skin in majesty. A very curious feeling of peat in the background. No, my glass was immaculately clean, I promise. Finish: long… hold on, it’s got ‘something’ of Highland Park. Comments: a wonderful rather grassier petite champagne. SGP:461 – 89 points.”

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