Jun 28
Karuizawa Five Decades

Karuizawa “Five Decades” by Distilia – A Tribute to Excellence in Whisky

Distilia is proud to announce the launch of the Karuizawa “Five Decades” collection. This limited edition series celebrates the artistry and legacy of the renowned Karuizawa distillery, offering whisky connoisseurs a rare opportunity to experience some of the most exquisite expressions ever produced.

Karuizawa Five Decades 1960-2000 59,5%Karuizawa Five DecadesThe Karuizawa “Five Decades” collection is a tribute to the exceptional craftsmanship and heritage of one of Japan’s most revered distilleries. The Karuizawa “Five Decades” collection features two exceptional bottles:

Crane – in Japanese culture, the crane is a symbol of good fortune, longevity, and fidelity.

Turtle – in Japanese culture, the turtle is a symbol of longevity, stability, and endurance.

With the Karuizawa ‘Five Decades’ collection, we aim to honor the incredible legacy of the Karuizawa distillery and offer our customers a truly unparalleled whisky experience. Each bottle is a testament to the distillery’s dedication to quality and innovation, making this collection a must-have for serious collectors and whisky enthusiasts alike.

Karuizawa Five Decades 1960-2000 set 2x700ml, limited edition 158 sets.

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