Jul 08
The Sins Avarice

9.4 points for rum Long Pond 1983 from Zucker und Zeste

Zucker und Zeste tested our new rum, Long Pond 1983 40yo from The Sins series. We received a score of 9.4 out of 10 points. Thank you! The Sins series is turning out to be what we had planned which is a series of top spirits.

Tasting note

From zuckerundzeste.de

From zuckerundzeste.de

The Avarice gives typical Jamaican ester aromas of ripe, but not necessarily overripe fruit and some varnish in the nose, which are, however, extremely elegantly integrated into a woody spice. Compared to the Distillia bottlings linked above, I find slightly less fruit here, without which the geographical origin would not be recognizable. I also find less of the typical Jamaican tropical fruits, but peach, apricot, a little lemon zest, but also some banana and tart gooseberries. Something olive in the background. Sweet vanilla and some buttery cookies thicken the nose a little. I don’t know whether it’s because the sample from the Vane has been breathing for longer, but in direct comparison I find the smoky aromas from the Avarice somewhat less pronounced, but they are still clearly noticeable, with aromas that are almost reminiscent of tar.

On the palate, the fruit builds up again very briefly before giving way to the even more present wood and spice aromas. The fruit is again reminiscent of lemons, a few tropical fruits and a subtle olive. Then a brief astringency sets in, but it doesn’t get out of hand and is immediately balanced out by the oiliness and the fruit esters. I can also detect the doughy note in the taste and now also some licorice. Short sweet hints pop up again and again before the eternal finish, which adds subtle salty aromas to the wood and then finishes with a beautiful fruit-wood mix, where the sweetness gains the upper hand for me for the first time and then remains, without forgetting the other aromas. I would describe this as perfectly balanced.

…Weltklasse Rum… / …World class rum…

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