Karuizawa 1981 Noh 35 years old #6183

HKD 61 855,80

WOOCS 2.2.7

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Karuizawa produced outstanding whiskies, many of which have received international acclaim.
This is a famous Noh series featuring different masks used in Noh, one of Japan’s traditional performing arts.
Noh is one of Japan’s oldest performing arts, dating back to the 14th century. These traditions are kept alive today by such groups as Kamiasobi, a group founded in 1997 by five young men whose families have been involved in Noh theatre for hundreds of years.


Please note this is an in-bond price, and the bottle is being stored in a warehouse in the EU.

Type: Japanese single cask whisky
Distillery: Karuizawa
Distilled: 1981
Bottled: 2017
Age: 35
Cask number: 6183
Cask type: sherry cask
Amount of bottles: 486
: 56,5%


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Tasting notes

Tasting notes

„First it’s brilliant whisky, and second, it’s ‘different’ whisky. Respect.”

-Serge Valentin, Whisky Fun

“And what it is, is one of those rare whiskies that creates a world of its own and holds it together so beautifully it’s almost like an image of nature at its best.”

-Stefan Van Eycken, Nonjatta

“Typically bold – that’s the Karuizawa style – while age has allowed a crisp quality to develop on the plate which plays off the depth of the nose.”

-Dave Broom


Karuizawa 1964

Karuizawa 1964 is one of the last remaining 1960s casks of Karuizawa that survived until 2012. On the date of market launch, this 48-year-old edition was also the oldest Karuizawa whisky ever released. Additionally, it was the oldest Japanese single cask whisky in history.
There were only 143 numbered bottles of this beverage on the market. Therefore, a special booklet about Karuizawa was created by David Broom, one of the most recognised whisky critics around the globe and a columnist for Whisky Magazine. Each bottle of Karuizawa 1964 was accompanied with this booklet.

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