Sep 02
Greenheart Collection

Meet our Greenheart Collection

Greenheart Collection is a tribute to the last two orginal Wooden Pot Stills in the world. They once belonged to the Enmore, Port Mourant and Versailles distilleries where they were used in the production of rum. Now, these artifacts of alcohol production are owned by Demerara Distillers. What is more, they are all fully functional, and allow true connoisseurs to enjoy the taste of rum such as it was more than 200 years ago.

Only the finest of rums produced in these wooden alembics will be bottled and included in the Greenheart Collection by Distilia. Our selection is an homage to the traditional methods of rum production in Guyana.

First bottles in series: Port Mourant 1989/2021 31yo 47,3%, Versailles 1990/2021 30yo 54,2%.

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