Feb 02

91 points from Whisky Digest to Enmore 1992 29yo Anney The Golden Age of Piracy

Enmore 1992/2021 29yo 58.1% cask#6 The Golden Age of Piracy Anney Distilia 91 points from Whisky Digest.

The Golden Age of Piracy Anney

Oh, a new continental Enmore bottling at the horizon, originating from the Versailles still. Not always phenomenal, but always entertaining. The golden age of Piracy is the new single cask release by the Distilia Group who are also known for their High End Spirits shop named Whiskymarket.

Bloody cannonball, this is brillant! Versailles Still at its best. We tried a few MECs but this one burns them all. Plus all KFMs we’ve lately tried. Imagine sitting in the dirtiest harbour pub in Georgetown Guyana, back in the 18th Century. All on smoldering cuban tobacco leaves, pipes, dirty boots and old leather chairs. But also delicate and floral notes of fried coconut oil and lilac of that Creole meal on the plate in front of you. Oh and that camphor oil of that Voodoo witch adds a nice freshness to the experience. Demeraraness ahead!

Sweet, barrel heavy and herbal, the first sip conquers the palate like a galleon and takes no prisoners. The tobacco and earthiness just rage, but without exaggerating (does that make sense?) and without losing tie to that sweetness. Meaning, what’s so lovely is the tyipcal Versailles coffee bitterness and austerity, but without being too extreme at the same time (like we unfortunately know it from some KFM). See this as the criminal brother (or sister) of the REV Mark. It needs both to become a family.

Long like the mast of the galleon, with coffee, carob and molasses lasting for minutes.

In terms of marketing, we’re usually annoyed by the allegory of pirates and rum, because, as in the case of Captain Morgan, it usually refers to a cheap, adulterated spirit. Not at all in this case. This brew really puts you in that atmosphere and proves once again why Guyana/Demerara rum (in our eyes) is the king of the rum world.
91/100 ᴘᴏɪɴᴛs

We make every effort to ensure that the rum we bottle is not just spirits, but also a desirable addition to collectors’ shelves, adorned with a thematic label. Our customers can be assured that the Enmore 1992 29yo bottled as Anney from The Golden Age of Piracy is a valuable piece to add to their collections.