Aug 09
The Golden Age of Piracy

The Golden Age of Piracy by Distilia – new bottles

Look! There they are! More Pirates have sailed in. ?‍☠️

We present to you the second part of our The Golden Age of Piracy. Three new bottles. Three distilleries. Three extraordinary journeys you will take with us.

Pirates in the Golden Age of Piracy

Charles Vane
One of the most skillful pirate captains, with excellent navigational and ship combat skills. He captured ship after ship, building a pirate armada and renaming each ship “The Ranger”. He is also infinfamously known for refusing the King’s Pardon and instead firing his cannons at the ship of Gouernor Woodes Rogers in the Bahamas. Vane met Blackbeard in 1718 and the two pirate crews held a week-long party at what was the largest pirate gathering ever to occur in North American waters.
Long Pond 1983 38yo

Samuel Bellamy
Operating for just one year from 1716 to 1717, Black Sam Bellamy became the wealthiest pirate ever. He captured 53 ships and plundered $140 million worth of treasure, which he divided generously among his crew. Bellamy’s pirates called him “The Robin Hood of the Seas”. The wreckage of his ship “Whydah”, along with valuables stolen from other 53 ships were discovered in 1982 off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass.
Uitvlugt 1991 30YO

Uitvlugt 1991 30YO Bellamy The Golden Age of Piracy

Woodes Rogers
As the first Royal Governor of the Bahamas, which in 1718 was home to around 2000 pirates, Rogers’ main task was to get rid of them. He granted the King’s Pardon to all the pirates who would immediately stop their activities, yet there were a few, like Charles Vane, who never accepted it. Rogers even recruited ex-pirates, like Benjamin Hornigold, to use their insights and intelligence to chase down the stubborn ones.
New Yarmouth 1994 27YO

New Yarmouth 1994 27YO Rogers The Golden Age of Piracy

Discover each of our pirate-themed labeled rums individually by adding them to your collection one by one, or get all three new bottles at once. Long Pond, New Yarmouth and Uitvlugt from The Golden Age of Piracy are waiting for you in our online store.

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