Jan 08

92 points from Whiskyfun.com to Versailles 1985 36yo MEV Grenheart Collection

Versailles 1985 36yo Enmore MEV Platinum from Greenheart Collection by Distilia got 92/100 points from whiskyfun.com

What is this madness? It is to be remembered that Versailles Distillery‘s old single wooden pot still was moved to Enmore Distillery in 1974, when so many distilleries got closed (1974 was Guyana’s 1983). The wood used to build that still was local ‘greenheart’, hence the name of this wee collection. Enmore Distillery got closed in 1994, this still moved to Uitvlugt Distillery, then to Diamond Distillery in 1999 when Uitvlugt got closed in its turn. Stories that would remind us whisky folk of Inverleven‘s gear. Colour: gold. Nose: on petrol! And many woods, pine, fir, cedar, eucalyptus, thuja… Some complex savoury soup in the background, with some sorrel, sage, marrow, chives, leek… With water: old pencil shavings, furniture polish, stock cubes, dill, seaweed, parsley, putties, grooming hair grease (gomina), hair tonic… This is almost like crossing into uncharted territory! Mouth: clay and mint, pickled small citrus, anchovies, tarragon, green walnuts, a feeling of very old manzanilla topped with mint, tar and liquorice… Some sides remind me of some sides (pff…) of some early 1970s vintages Ardbegs. That’s probably the tar (and the anchovies). With water: all on greases, citrus and herbs, myriads of them. It is like those old Ardbegs, that is to say both compact and ‘one’, and very complex and ‘fractal’. Now the oneness remains all along, it would never quite do ‘the peacock’s tail’, as we say in wine. Finish: medium, with the coastal, maritime part being on the front this time. Some medicinal touches in the aftertaste. Comments: superb. The obvious oak had been perfectly digested. SGP:463 – 92 points.

Greenheart Collection set with Platinium

Greenheart Collection by Distilia is a tribute to the last two original Wooden Pot Stills in the world. Rum VersaillesGreenheart Collection was produced when the alembic belonged to the Enmore distillery.

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