Nov 25
Foursquare Dwarf Poinciana Floral Rum Series

Foursquare Dwarf Poinciana new rum from Distilia’s Floral Rum Series

We are happy to announce that our journey around Caribbean Islands continues. After a warm welcome of – Caroni Chaconia we decided to please you with another amazing spirit. Please welcome our Dwarf Poinciana Foursquare – the latest to our Floral Rum Series family. It was born as a child of cooperation of the two – Distilia and Catawiki, which years of expertise resulted in a true masterpiece sealed in a bottle.

Foursquare Dwarf Poinciana 2006 15yo 60,4% Distilia for Catawiki

Dwarf Poinciana blooms all year round in Barbados, the island where this rich and complex rum was born. These butterfly-attracting flowers have the colours of the Caribbean sunset – they are brilliant red-orange, yellow or dark pink, depending on the variety. The dwarf’s bloom is nowadays the national flower of the country, where the plant is known as the “Pride of Barbados”. This beautiful flower became one of the symbols of the Barbadian community. The citizens are proud of the Dwarf Poinciana, just like they are proud of the rums distilled on the island. So, find the right moment to open the bottle and discover the taste of this tropical treasure.

Foursquare Dwarf Poinciana 2006 15yo 60,4% Distilia for Catawiki

Distillery: Foursquare
Distilled: 2006
Bottled: 2022
Age: 15yo
Strenght: 60,4%
Number of bottles released: 257
Size: 700ml

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