Jan 23
Distilia Top independent bottler 2022

Distilia – Top independent bottler 2022

It’s a pleasure to share such good news – the RUM-X community has valued our rums and Distilia has been honored as Top Independent Bottler 2022.

“Two of Distilia’s 2022 releases ended up in our hidden champions list, achieving the highest average score across all 2022 releases but falling slightly short of the minimum number of community ratings required. Especially their 1983 Long Pond was a truly remarkable release that, due to its limitation, could not be tasted by too many community members though. Still, a lot of other releases found their ways in the hands and mouths of the RumX members and consistently achieved high scores: Distilia ended up with an average of almost 90 points for their releases (89.44) and with a mean deviation of only 3.88 points which is by far the lowest among our top 10 bottlers. Kudos to the team around Jakub and Piotr, we are looking forward to this year’s releases already!” RUM-X

“You can’t imagine how happy we are with this award. Thank you guys! Keep up the good work!“ Jakub Bagiński from Distilia.



This is the list of the top five:


You can find details at: https://www.rum-x.com/blog/annual-report-2022-part-2/