Jan 25

Our rums tasted by WhiskyNotes.be

WhiskyNotes rated our rums in association with rums from two friendly bottlers.

They tasted our Long Pond 38 yo 1983 “Vane” from The Golden Age of Piracy. They rated it very high at 92 points.

Long Pond 1983 38YO #8 52.5% Vane The Golden Age of Piracy

They wrote, among other things, “This is an easy-going Long Pond in the best way possible. Being loud like Hampden is easy, ha! I had the 1941 from Gordon & MacPhail at a moment in time when my rum vocabulary was too limited to describe it. I still regret not pushing through and writing a proper review. So I’m glad this managed to vividly bring it back from memory. Score: 92/100″

Our other rum they tried was Enmore (Versailles) 31 yo 1990 MEV from Greenheart Collection. This rum received a score of 89/100 points.

Versailles 1999 MEV 31yo 51,6% Greenheart Collection

Thank you for reviewing our bottled rums Enmore Versailles and Long Pond. Every opinion from renowned rare spirits enthusiasts is invaluable to us, as it helps us grow and cater to the needs of our customers.

See tasting notes for all six rums: https://www.whiskynotes.be/2023/rum/6-rums-in-pairs-caroni-long-pond-enmore/