Feb 06
Versailles 1994 28yo Enmore REV

91 points from Whiskyfun.com to Versailles 1994 28yo REV Grenheart Collection

Versailles 1994 28yo Enmore REV from Greenheart Collection by Distilia got 91/100 points from whiskyfun.com

“I believe REV is a broker’s marque that means Rum Enmore Versailles. Colour: dark red amber. Nose: oh, old woods, Dutch liquorice, rosewood, caraway and Timut pepper, eucalyptus, then old tweed, cedarwood, old cigar case, also a drop of gewurz, tinned lychee… This nose is simply sumptuous. These indie series are just incredible, we need one or two bad ones to make sure this is well a human venture. I even believe we’ll start petitioning. With water: ooh, dried meats and all kinds of mints and molecules ending with -ol. Terpinol, for example. Mouth (neat): phenomenal, all about precious woods, liquorices and petroly spices. Blood oranges and a few underripe grapes as well. With water: geared towards salted fish this time, olives, salted liquorice, oysters, crabmeat… We’re almost at Caol Ila. Finish: long and more medicinal. Loads of resins and oils – and stuff ending with -ol indeed. Comments: these are just my thing and love the piney side. Viva turpentine! SGP:473 – 91 points.” whiskyfun.com

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