Sep 29
Enmore 1994/2023 Victoria Amazonica by Distilia -

92 points from to Enmore 28yo 1994 “Victoria Amazonica”

The end of summer brought together spirits enthusiasts to evaluate the finest. Enmore 1994 28yo REV Victoria Amazonica, Guyana from Floral Rums Series Collection by Distilia got 92/100 points from

Our Enmore 28yo 1994 was praised for its “High complexity, a few unique notes and a big woody side that doesn’t overpower“. Connoisseurs of fine rum also recognized the exceptional quality of our rum, describing it as “No austerity either, on the contrary, this is thick and syrupy“.


Enmore Victoria Amazonica 1994 28yo 51,8% Distilia Catawiki

What did the connoisseurs from discover in our rum?


“Nose: Dutch salted liquorice, old leather briefcases, subtle hints of varnished thuja and whiffs of caramel. Then some cold coffee, as well as camphor and herbal potions. New tyres. Humidor and hints of pumpernickel too. Something in between dried oregano and dried wildflowers. Brimful of character!

Mouth: quite extractive. More cedar wood, leather and liquorice, with Szechuan pepper and eucalyptus. Then treacle sweetness and fig jam comes out, alongside chocolate, old PX-based vermouth, with mint and orange peels. The dark sweetness gives it a hint of cough syrup.

Finish: long, revolving around eucalyptus, After Eight and liquorice, including a salty edge.”


We are delighted that among the 6 rums being assessed, our Enmore “Victoria Amazonica” with  is one of them. Receiving high ratings for the spirits we bottle is not only a recognition of our work but also a motivation for further exploration in the world of beverages. It encourages us to dive even deeper into the historical narratives surrounding various locations and the rum barrels that originate from them, all in the pursuit of bottling them for those who will enjoy their visual and gustatory pleasures.

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