Oct 09
Fifth Bottles bottled Distilia - leblogarogereu notes

Tasting of Distilia’s rums by leblogaroger.eu

They say it takes two to tango. We’re thrilled that evaluating rums bottled by Distilia brought two rum enthusiasts together to compare their tasting experiences. Pietro Caputo, along with his colleague Roger from leblogaroger.eu, evaluated five of our rums. These included three new bottles from The Golden Age of Piracy series, one bottle from the Floral Rum Series reserved for Catawiki, and Caroni for Lion’s Whisky.

Who are the ones evaluating rums bottled by Distilia?

  • Pietro Caputo, an Italian rum enthusiast and expert, is renowned for his deep passion for rum. His rum journey began in 2006 when he tasted a Caroni 1982 single cask during a ski holiday. This experience ignited his interest in unique rums, leading him to build a global network of fellow rum lovers. Pietro is known for his engaging anecdotes about the rum world, including his memorable stories visit to Luca Gargano’s home. He actively participates in renowned events like the Velier Caroni Day and conducts rum masterclasses at various levels, making him a respected figure in the international rum community.
  • Laurent “Roger Caroni” Thirion, a passionate rum enthusiast from Belgium. With 5 years of experience, he’s captivated by the world of rum, especially English rums like Caroni, Demerara, Jamaican, and Barbadian rums. He also appreciates French traditional rums, especially from Martinique and Guadeloupe. Laurent is an active member and moderator on various Facebook groups discussing spirits and a part of the Single Cast team. He’s renowned for his blog le blog à Roger, started in 2017, where he freely shares his passion. In 2019, he had the privilege to collaborate with Corman Collins in Belgium and Bristol Classic Rum to select a Caroni cask.

Where two people are fighting over something, the third party takes it all…

Where two people are fighting over something, the third party takes it all (fr. Quand deux personnes se battent, une troisième en profite), so leveraging the expertise of connoisseurs about unique spirits, we can share their insights with you.

Black Bart, TDL 1991 62,7%

Pwa, ça c’est vraiment très très bon, bravo pour la trouvaille !

Wow, this is really, really good! Bravo on the find!” both tasters, Pietro and Roger, described our T.D.L. 1991 Black Bart this way. Pietro rated it 91/100 and specifically noted:

Un très bon TDL dont le nez me fait tout de suite penser à Caroni avec le cuir, les fruits, la gomme brulée, un léger mentholé. On dirait un Velier 1996 reduit.

A very good TDL, its nose immediately reminds me of Caroni with the leather, fruits, burnt rubber, and a slight hint of menthol. It’s like a reduced Velier 1996.


TDL 1991/2023 31yo 62,7% cask#R2455 Black Bart The Golden Age of Piracy by Distilia

TDL 1991 31yo 62,7% Black Bart The Golden Age of Piracy

Distillery: T.D.L
Distillation year: 1991
Bottling year: 2023
Age: 31YO
Single cask number: R2455
Limited edition: 205 bottles
ABV: 62,7%

Full Proof Heavy Trinidad Rum
Aged in Trinidad for 15 years

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Now, what does Roger from leblogaroger.eu say about TDL 1991 himself?

Les 62% sont très bien intégrés, c’est un plaisir à déguster ce rhum.

Roger describes the taste of our rum as “The 62% is very well integrated, it’s a pleasure to taste this rum” and rated it 92/100.

Edward Low, Grenada 64,5%

The second of the assessed rums, Grenada 64,5% Edward Low, reviewed by Roger, he described as: Belle découverte (ang. A beautiful discovery). Noticing also that Grenada 1993 is:

Un brin trop violent, je l’aurais réduit légèrement je pense, mais la base est plutôt sexy pour un rhum dont la provenance ne ferait pas toujours rêver.

A tad too strong, I would have reduced it slightly, I think, but the base is rather sexy for a rum whose origin doesn’t always make you dream.” In the end, Roger rated it 87/100.

Grenada 1993/2023 29yo 64,5% cask#14 Edward Low The Golden Age of Piracy by DistiliaGrenada 1993 29yo 64,5% Edward Low The Golden Age of Piracy

Distillation year: 1993
Bottling year: 2023
Age: 29YO
Single cask number: 14
Limited edition: 226 bottles
ABV: 64,5%

Full Proof Grenada Rum
Aged in Grenada for 15 years

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Pietro rated our rum at 85/100, describing it to our delight as:

Sûrement le meilleur Grenada que j’ai dégusté. Un bon profil puissant, que je devrais re-goûter avec de l’eau, ou plus de temps dans le verre.

Probably the best Grenada I’ve tasted. A good strong profile that I should re-taste with water or give it more time in the glass.

Hornigold, Diamond 50,2%

Just as the French had the Three Musketeers, the third of our rums from The Golden Age of Piracy joins the evaluations by French leblogaroger.eu. How do rum enthusiasts Pietro and Roger describe it? The first of them, Pietro notes that:

J’ai bien aimé, on verra le prix mais c’est vraiment un bonbon à boire avec des amoureux des bonnes choses !

I really liked it, we’ll see about the price, but it’s truly a treat to drink for lovers of good things!” and rates Diamond 1996 bottled by Distilia at 88/100.

Diamond 1996/2023 26yo 50,2% cask#5 Hornigold The Golden Age of Piracy by DistiliaDiamond 1996 26yo 50,2% Hornigold The Golden Age of Piracy

Distillery: Diamond
Distillation year: 1996
Bottling year: 2023
Age: 26YO
Single cask number: 5
Limited edition: 156 bottles
ABV: 50,2%

Full Proof Guyana Rum

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After Roger’s evaluation of our Diamond 1993, we can only assume he has tried many good rums from Diamond Distillery. Nevertheless, we appreciate his description of our rum as:

Haaa ben c’est plutôt un chouette Diamond, sans trop de surprises, mais qui fait clairement le travail…

Haaa well, it’s quite a nice Diamond, not too surprising, but it clearly does the job…” and Roger rates it at 87/100.


Trinidad Rum, Caroni 24yo 61,6%

This Trinidad Rum rated 90/100 by Pietro and 88/100 by Roger, has captivated rum enthusiasts not only with its label featuring a pair of storks in a lush green landscape but primarily with the spirit enclosed within the bottle by Distilia.

Caroni 24yo 61,6% by DistiliaCaroni 1998 24yo 61,6% Lion’s Whisky

Distillery: Caroni
Distillation year: 1998
Bottling year: 2022
Age: 24YO
Single cask number: 1
Limited edition: 220 bottles
ABV: 61,6%

Trinidad Rum


Pietro described Caroni 1998 61,6% as:

Un Caroni vraiment à mon goût qui mélange beaucoup de notes typiques de la distillerie.

A Caroni that really suits my taste, blending many typical notes of the distillery

Roger noted that this rum bottled by Distilia is:

Très bon Caroni, pas le plus expressif mais avec l’alcool bien intégré qui apportera le peps sans déchausser les dents du fond…

Very good Caroni, not the most expressive but with well-integrated alcohol that brings the zest without numbing the back teeth…

Victoria Amazonica, Enmore 28yo 51,8%

As the fifth element for rum evaluations, Pietro and Roger chose the Enmore 28 yo 51,8% from the Floral Rum Series bottled by Distilia, exclusively available for purchase on Catawiki. What did the renowned rum tasters say about it?

Enmore 1994 Victoria Amazonica 28yo 51,8% Distilia for CatawikiEnmore 1994 Victoria Amazonica 28yo 51,8% Distilia for Catawiki

Distillery: Enmore
Distillation year: 1994
Bottling year: 2023
Age: 28YO
Limited edition: 193 bottles
ABV: 51,8%

Full Proof Guyana Rum

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Pietro upon tasting our Enmore 1994, gave its a score of 94/100 and simply said:

Je le veux !

I want it!

Roger representing the main evaluator for leblogaroger.eu 90/100, remarked,:

Haaa, très belle réussite encore, pour ceux qui aiment ce genre de profil bien « saucé » bien entendu… ici, la mélasse est reine !

Haaa, another very nice success, for those who love this kind of well-‘sauced’ profile, of course… here, molasses reigns supreme!

We appreciate Pietro and Roger from leblogaroger.eu for their thorough examination of our rums. We are delighted that the rum barrels we select for bottling not only please the eye on collectors’ shelves or become collectibles themselves but also inspire rum enthusiasts to gather and assess them together in a larger community.

Rating Source: https://leblogaroger.eu/index.php/2023/10/02/some-kind-ov-distilia/