Jun 16
Tasting by Pietro Caputo - Rum Enmore 1994 Victoria Amazonica - Distilia for Catawiki

Enmore 1994 Victoria Amazonica – Floral Rum Series

A Memorable Visit

In early June, we welcomed a special guest at Distilia – Pietro Caputo. This tall, cheerful Italian with a deep voice and a passionate love for rum made his visit truly memorable. We’re pleased that he appreciated what we do here at Distilia and our range of products.

Pietro Caputo – A Rum Enthusiast

Pietro’s interest in rum was sparked on a ski holiday in 2006 when he tasted a Caroni 1982 single cask. This experience led him to seek out other unique rums, a pursuit not yet common in Italy. Pietro quickly built a network of fellow rum lovers worldwide, sharing reviews, samples, and bottles. In 2019, Pietro was the only Italian, besides the Velier crew, to participate in the famous “Tasting Gang” at the Velier “Caroni Day.” He’s a regular at rum festivals and online workshops and conducts rum masterclasses at all levels.

The Origin of Enmore Victoria Amazonica

The story of the Enmore Victoria Amazonica, the rum we’re introducing today, begins at the Enmore distillery. Established in the early 19th century by Edward Henry Porter, Enmore was one of the last four distilleries remaining when the Guyanese government started streamlining rum production in 1974.

The Legacy of Enmore Distillery

Enmore was renowned for its traditional wooden coffey still, constructed in 1880. This still was crafted from Greenheart wood, a sturdy, water-resistant wood native to Guyana, which helped in the distilling process by removing impurities from the spirit. In 1978, a second wooden pot still was added, and both these stills were moved and continue to operate at Diamond, the country’s last remaining rum producer, when Enmore closed in 1994.

Introducing Enmore Victoria Amazonica

We’re excited to introduce the Enmore Victoria Amazonica, the third rum from Distilia’s exclusive Floral Rum Series. Bottled by Distilia exclusively for Catawiki. Named after a unique flower found deep in the Amazon rainforest, this rum pays homage to the distillery’s Guyanese roots. Creating a rum that could live up to the majesty of this flower was a challenge, but we believe we’ve succeeded.

Tasting by Pietro Caputo

A Unique Offering

This 28-year-old Enmore rum stands out as a unique spirit. We’ve released just 193 bottles of this exclusive rum, available only on Catawiki’s platform. Distilled at the Enmore Distillery and bottled by Distilia, the Victoria Amazonica 28YO is a true Guyana rum, with an ABV of 51.8% and a volume of 700ml. Please join us in celebrating the launch of the queen – Victoria Amazonica Enmore 28YO.

Exclusivity and Beyond

We would like to inform our valued connoisseurs that all the rums from the Floral Rum Series are available solely on Catawiki auctions. Additionally, we offer a selection of extraordinary single casks from our previous bottling projects, each embodying the unique craftsmanship of Distilia. We invite you to explore these offerings and immerse yourself in the rich world of premium rums.

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