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Most expensive Karuizawa bottels - Distilia, Geisha

Karuizawa – Top most expensive Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky is often associated with luxury and exclusivity, with expensive Karuizawa bottels being a common descriptor. Among Japanese whiskies, Karuizawa stands out as one of the most sought-after and expensive brands. Some of the top most expensive Karuizawa bottles have fetched record-breaking prices at auctions around the world.

Karuizawa whisky - Top most expensive Karuizawa bottelsThese bottles are prized not only for their exceptional quality and taste but also for their rarity. Karuizawa ceased production in 2000, making its bottles highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike. The scarcity of Karuizawa whisky, coupled with its reputation for excellence, drives up its value in the market.

Many factors contribute to the high prices of Karuizawa whisky, including its limited production, aging process, and craftsmanship. Each bottle represents a piece of Japanese whisky history and is often considered a collector’s item.

The world’s most expensive Karuizawa whiskY:

To acquire Karuizawa 1960 cask #5627 The Cockerel, one must truly have a deep pocket. The price of this bottle reaches about €110 000.  Another bottle worth noting is the Karuizawa 1964 51yo cask#1917, priced at around €72 000 euros.

Karuizawa 1964 48yo 57,7% cask#3603, Distilia

Among the gems of the most expensive Karuizawa bottles in the world, we also find the Karuizawa 1981 Geisha Label Sherry Cask#7427 achieving its value on September 2023 at around €61 000.


Karuizawa 40yo Geisha Label Sherry Butt cask#4560 58,8% 700ml from Karuizawa Geisha series is priced at about €70,000.


In November 2023, Japanese whisky enthusiasts experienced a faster heartbeat, thanks to Karuizawa 1964 48yo 57,7% cask#3603 reaching a price of €120,000.



One looking for a little bit cheaper bottles cannot overlook Karuizawa 30yo Samurai Label Sherry Butt cask#3622 61,1%, which had price at about €20,000 on February 2022. You can read more about the Karuizawa Samurai series whose full series costs as much as €100,000.

What prices did the most expensive bottles from Distilia reach?

Karuizawa Sapphire Geisha 31 & 36 years old set was priced at €200,000. If you’re unsure which exact Karuizawa Geisha bottle we’re referring to, take a look at the photo next to it.

Karuizawa Geisha Sapphire 31yo

These two bottles stand out from the other Karuizawa Geisha whiskies in that they can be placed side by side, like two puzzle pieces, to reveal the full picture of the geisha’s face.

The labels on the bottles feature a dark blue color, with finer details in gold. Each bottle comes with a wooden box.


These editions of this Japanese whisky occasionally appear in our offerings, thanks to our specialists who seek out collectors of rare bottles.

This is how unique bottles find their way into our offer, and you can add them to your collection by ordering a bottle of Karuizawa whisky if it is currently available.


Karuizawa 50 Aqua of Life Black & White


Another set is Karuizawa 50yo Aqua of Life Black & White bottles.  These have been valued by its collector at about €140,000.

These bottles are not only old bottles worth money, but also uniquely rare; in fact, only 248 pairs exist worldwide.

That’s the total production of Karuizawa 50yo Black bottles. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that all bottles of this Japanese whisky remain intact and have survived to this day; so there may be significantly fewer.


Examples of other noteworthy expensive Karuizawa whisky sets include:

Old Bottles Worth Money – Definitely Karuizawa Whisky

Despite its steep price tag, Karuizawa whisky continues to attract connoisseurs and investors from around the world. Its unparalleled quality and prestige make it a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the world of spirits. Some collectors are also driven by sentiment towards the places depicted on whisky labels. An example of this sentiment is the Karuizawa Mount Fuji 30yo, priced at 11 000, which features a popular active stratovolcano in Japan on its label.


Japan’s highest peak Mount Fuji is located on the island of Honshu, southwest of the capital, Tokyo. In 2013, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and and to this day, it is recognized as a cultural symbol. Mount Fuji also serves remarkably well as a source of artistic inspiration. Confirmation of this is the fact that the motif of a popular active stratovolcano in Japan on the label of the bottle has been utilized not only by Karuizawa bottlers but also by other Japanese whiskies such as Hibiki.

Is that all about the most expensive whiskies?

Of course not. When it comes to expensive old bottles worth money, the list could go on and on. However, it’s worth noting that the most expensive whiskies are not limited to Karuizawa whisky alone. We can find the most expensive whiskies among antique bottles worth money from Japan (for instance: Hanyu, Yamazaki) and a vintage bottles worth money from Scotland, including Macallan. Summarizing, Karuizawa whisky most expensive bottles are highly sought after by collectors worldwide; but there are also other bottles worth remembering.