Aug 21
Victoria Amazonica by Distilia 91/100 notes

91 points from to Enmore 1994 28yo REV Floral Rums Series Collection

Enmore 1994 28yo REV Victoria Amazonica, Guyana from Floral Rums Series Collection by Distilia got 91/100 points from

“This is a ‘REV’, so ‘Rum Enmore Versailles‘, so from that famous wooden pot still when it was still at Enmore. I can’t quite see what could go wrong this time… Colour: office coffee as in Netflix episodes taking place at NYPD. Nose: these Versailles are everything. Sublime pines (Douglas), old books, really old pinot noir and deep-smoked bacon. With water: bicycle inner tubes, firwood ashes, black cigars (maduro), raw high-cocoa chocolate, coffee beans, touch of camphor and eucalyptus. Mouth (neat): fig jam, smoked, plus cedarwood and Corinth raisins. Exceptional. With water: a tiny tad ‘too much’ now, with a wood that clearly took over, but there is an easy solution, just don’t add any water and you’ll be fine. Finish: very long, perfect when neat. Cancel water. Stunning salty liquorice, provided you like that. Comments: a little extreme, perhaps, but as long as you do not add any water, you’re on Mount Olympus, reigning over the world. Well, more or less. SGP:472″

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