Nov 14

Two Enmore rums by Distilia were noted by

Autumn favors gatherings of fine spirits enthusiasts, providing not only the opportunity to assess the best but also a chance to “lightly” warm up 🙂 noted that this was another fine rum session involving not only different expressions.
It’s worth noting that Enmore 29yo 1992 Anney bottled by Distilia received the comment, ‘even when you don’t have this association, there is a lot to like’. The second of our rums, which was reviewed this time, is Versailles 28yo 1994 REV.


What did the connoisseurs from discover in our rum?


Enmore Versailles 28 yo 1994 REVWhiskyNotes rated our rum Enmore (Versailles) 28 yo 1994 ‘REV’ from Greenheart Collection at 88/100 points.


Nose: old leather, fragrant cigar boxes and a general hint of moist wood. A nice, dark and toasty woodiness. Typical pencil shavings too. Then dried herbs and tobacco leaves, with prunes and blackcurrants in the background. Quite heavyweight, but rather unique nonetheless.

Mouth: a similar toasty woodiness, mixed with a hint of petrol and wet cardboard. Quite robust. Some oriental spices, heavy liquorice and dark treacle underneath. Then mint and coffee powder, black olives and chocolate.

Finish: long, quite savoury, with burnt caramel, coffee and liquorice.



Enmore 29 yo 1992 Anney

WhiskyNotes rated our rum Enmore 29 yo 1992 ‘Anney’ from The Golden Age of Piracy at 89/100 points.


Nose: a nice dusty woodiness up front. Cold sauna and balsa wood, pipe tobacco, old leather. Dried banana slices. Then hints of camphor oil, tea leaves, sweet liquorice and dried thyme. Dried wildflowers too.

Mouth: oily notes and citrus sourness at first. Lightly bitter herbs. Then mid-palate a wonderful hint of Mokatine candy comes out (look for it when you’re in Antwerp). I’ve had this before in Enmore. Cold coffee, cigar boxes and hay. The bitterness returns in the end, now on chicory.

Finish: long, on heavy coffee, dark chocolate, heavy liquorice and herbs.


Thank you for reviewing our bottled Anney 29yo 1992 Enmore and Versailles 28yo 1994 Enmore. Every opinion from renowned rare spirits enthusiasts is invaluable to us, as it helps us grow and cater to the needs of our customers.


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