Dec 15
RumX Awards 2023 honors the Best Rums Victoria Amazonica by Distilia third position

Enmore 1994 28yo Victoria Amazonica awarded in RumX Awards 2023

Enmore Victoria Amazonica 1994 28yo 51,8% Distilia CatawikiRumX Awards 2023 honors the Best Rums and hidden blending masters, and we are immensely thrilled to win the third position in this competition.

Created through the collaboration between Distilia and Catawiki Enmore 1994 28yo 51,8% REV Victoria Amazonica Floral Rum Series is not only a highly-rated rum but also one of the most sought-after among rum enthusiasts.

Our rum has achieved an average rating of 9.04 points from 25 reviews, and it’s worth noting that it is exclusively available through the Catawiki auction.


The second part of the RumX Awards 2023 constitutes an annual overview of the most renowned rums according to the RUMX community. These awards constitute a comprehensive analysis of data collected from reviews submitted by over 30,000 RumX members, where in the past year, more than 74,000 rum opinions have been shared.


The Best Rums of 2023 are editions from the same year that had to meet crucial ranking criteria.

Evaluators focused on rums released from December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2023, garnering at least 25 reviews from the RumX community. They were then sorted based on average ratings in descending order. The same system as the previous year was precisely applied, but this time the assessment began a month earlier. Evaluators required a minimum number of reviews for rums, ensuring a balanced and fair representation of diverse opinions and the collective voice of the RumX community.

We express our gratitude for the significant recognition among RumX members for Enmore 1994 REV Victoria Amazonica from Floral Rum Series. It is through their reviews of our rums that we can evolve, set new developmental goals, and continue our journey of growth.


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